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Hi, I'm Mrs. Balius!  I love to help and support teachers in the math classroom.  My passion has always been teaching math, ever since my first assignment was a first-grade self-contained classroom. 

Someone told me (2 months into the assignment) that first grade was the most difficult grade to begin a teaching career.  That may or may not be true, but I was LOST in my first year of teaching.  I dug in and continued to learn as much as I could about how to reach kids in my first-grade classroom.  That was over ten years ago. 

Since that time I have earned a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Math emphasis and created many resources and systems that I use successfully in my classrooms. 

I  am a wife and mother who is passionate about teaching and sharing teaching resources with others. I  currently live in Houston, Texas, aiding teachers with resources and support for the 21st-century math classroom.

I am excited to share what I have learned with you and help all teachers have an easier time in the classroom than I did when I began teaching.

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I'm new to Pinterest and TPT, and I'm interested in joining your group board, "Teaching Resources to Share for K-2". Would you be willing to help me with this?
    Cindy from K-2 to the Core


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