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Fall Math Activities For The First Grade Classroom

First grade is a big year! First graders are just beginning to learn new concepts that will carry them through the primary grades and help lay the foundation for more complex skills. Sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming to keep students' attention while touching on all of these things. Over the years, I've found a tried and true solution- seasonal math activities! Come along as we chat about some of my favorite fall math activities for the first-grade classroom. 

Use these fun and engaging fall math activities in your first grade classroom this year.

Addressing First Grade Math Standards

There really is SO much to learn in first grade when it comes to math. First-grade math standards focus on 4 main areas:
Covering the first grade math standards is fun and easy with these engaging fall math activities your students will love.
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
  • Measurement Data
  • Geometry
You'll work on a variety of different skills within these standards throughout the year, but these 4 themes will stay consistent throughout your teaching. As the year begins, you'll likely be focusing on a review of kindergarten standards, but as you move into the fall it's time to begin working on some more complex concepts. 

The key to teaching new math standards and maintaining high levels of student engagement is to change things up. I find the easiest way to do this throughout the year is with the use of seasonal themes. I love aligning our math lessons with upcoming holidays and seasons, and the children really enjoy it as well! 

Fall Math Fun In The First Grade Classroom 

When it comes to seasonal themes, I really do like to make the most of them! Throughout the year we touch on fall themes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter holidays, and more. As soon as there's a bit of a chill in the air, it's time to bring out the fun, fall math activities!

In my classroom, I really enjoy using worksheets and activities that have some seasonal flair to them. During the fall you'll find pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, Pilgrims, and turkeys decorating the pages of our lessons. Sprinkling these holiday touches throughout our day helps keeps my students engaged as we work on new math concepts. 

Fall Place Value Activities  

Place value is a tad tricky for first graders upon introduction, but the more they work on this skill, the easier it gets! For this reason, I encourage lots and lots of practice! That doesn't mean it needs to be boring though. Practicing place value can be fun and engaging when you use fun, color-by-code worksheets in your lessons. 

Color by code activities like this help your students practice and master place value.
Color by Code Fall Place Value Activities are the perfect way to help your first-grade students get plenty of practice with 1's and 10s as well as 10s and 100s in a fun format. 

I love using these as a center activity in the classroom while I work on other skills with a small group. I find that this format is super simple for first graders to follow independently, making it a great option for center time. 

These are also perfect for homework packets, and early finishers, and perfect for practice packets to work on over Thanksgiving break. The fun, coloring activities won't feel like work to your students but they'll get plenty of practice with identifying place value. 

Fall Number of the Day Activities

One of my favorite ways to sprinkle some seasonal fun into our lessons is with Number of the Day Worksheets. In my classroom, we use these every day!  The pages always feature a fun, seasonal theme. Throughout October, we use Halloween-themed pages and the kids LOVE them! 

Your students will love practicing their daily number sense with these engaging number of the day activities.
In first grade, our Number of the Day activities primarily focus on number sense activities like counting on, using base ten blocks, more or less,  and using the number line. 

My students are always excited to work on these pages since they get to color the fun, fall pictures after they finish.

Number of the Day activities are a great addition to your routine if you're looking for a way to add some number sense to your schedule each day. 

The pages we use have a predictable pattern, making them great for independent work in the first-grade classroom. If you'd like a closer look at exactly how we use these in my classroom, be sure to take a peek at this post with all the details! 

Halloween Problem Solving Activities For Fall 

Firsties LOVE Halloween, and I do too! I love using Halloween-themed worksheets and activities to snag student attention as we dive into important skills like problem-solving. 

Digital Halloween problem soling activities like these keep your students engaged as they learn their math facts.
This is especially fun when teaching math word problems to first graders. First graders are a curious bunch by nature and always seem to perk up when we start solving these Halloween-themed puzzles. 

The activities I like to use for problem-solving include a variety of problems that encourage critical thinking. The activities focus on picture models, using tens frames, writing about a picture, and using a bar model. These activities are wonderful for use in your small groups since they come in both print and digital formats. 

I like to work through examples on the digital lesson and then have kiddos try the activities on their own with the printable worksheets. Word problems are both fun and challenging to first graders and the spooky Halloween images offer an added level of fun, making these a win-win for the fall! 

Digital Fall Math Activities 

Finally, if you're looking for one more way to grab the attention of your first graders try incorporating some digital activities in your fall math lessons. 

Digital fall math coloring pages like these give your students extra fun math practice.
I find that when it comes to digital activities, it's best to stick with concepts that have previously been taught and need to be reviewed. In first grade, this is especially important. We do lots of practice reviewing addition with 10 in first grade and digital activities help keep it engaging! 

Color My Math Fall Digital Coloring Pages are perfect for practicing addition within 10. Students love these activities and I love that they are getting continued practice with this key skill! I often assign these activities for my early finishers or use them for technology integration in our center time. 

To use, kiddos will solve addition problems to color in a piece of the picture. When all of the problems are answered correctly a fully-colored, fall picture will be revealed. This set includes apples, leaves, and fall flowers making these great for autumn in the classroom. 

Halloween Number Puzzles

I also love adding seasonal activities to my math centers.  These Halloween Number Puzzles give students practice with representing numbers in different ways.  It's a fun, hands-on activity that you can add to your math centers in the days leading up to Halloween.  AND . . . it's a freebie that I created just for you!  Grab your free Halloween Number Puzzles and add some seasonal fun in your classroom.

Add Seasonal Math Activities All Year Long 

I hope you're inspired to try out some fun, fall math activities in your classroom this fall! As teachers in the primary grades, we know how much ground there is to cover! Making your lessons fun and engaging with seasonal themes is a great way to keep those kiddos engaged and excited for learning as you work through all your material! 

If you're looking to keep the seasonal fun rolling all year long, be sure to check my First Grade Number Sense Seasonal Bundle. This huge bundle is filled with all kinds of fun activities you'll be able to use all year long in your classroom. Keep those kiddos engaged with holiday-themed activities and lessons!
Seasonal math activities keep your students engaged as they learn important math facts in first grade.

Want a sneak peek into this seasonal math bundle?  Grab this free sample and try out the Thanksgiving Number Line resources in your classroom.

Save These Fall Math Activities

Don't forget to save this post on your classroom Pinterest board so that you'll be all set when it comes time to plan your fall math activities! 

Fall math activities for the first grade classroom can be fun and engaging for your students. With activities like color by code, digital activities, and more, your students will love practicing and mastering their math facts in first grade. #fallmath #firstgrademath #numbersenseactivities

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