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The beginning of a new school year is a magical time. There's newly decorated classrooms, loads of new school supplies, and a room of excited new faces.  It's a fresh start and a time for new beginnings.  Start your year off with some amazing back to school math activities that will help you get to know your students and their skills.

Use these back to school math activities for review and practice during the first few weeks of school.

Math Read-Alouds

Students of all ages love to be read to and books are an excellent way to introduce a new math topic! Here are a few of my favorite math-themed read-alouds that are perfect for the first week back to school.

A great math read aloud book about place value for the elementary classroom.

1. Place Value - This book doesn't monkey around when it comes to learning about place value! The monkeys in the book bake the biggest cupcake ever, and they need the correct amount of ingredients. Do they need 216 eggs or 621 eggs? This book uses humor, art, and easy-to-read charts to teach the basics of place value.

2. Actual Size - Want to get your students' attention right away? This is the perfect book! Actual Size explains the different parts of animals, from a tiger's head to a gorilla's hand. This book has beautiful, actual-size photos. Students can put their hands onto the page to see how much larger a gorilla's hand is than theirs. This is a book that students will beg to read over and over again!

3. The Doorbell Rang - This is a great choice for back to school! It's perfect for introducing equal shares, predicting upcoming numbers, and recognizing number patterns. 

4.  Ten Dots - This is a wonderful book for primary teachers that are teaching or reviewing numbers to ten. This unique counting book also gets students thinking outside the box as they turn dots into other items.  A great math book with a creative thinking twist!

5. The Boy Who Loved Math - This is a fun book about Paul Eit'ss, a man with a mind for math.  While his skills may be exceptional, its a wonderful story for helping students learn that math can be fun.  It's a great read-aloud for building a love of math in your classroom.

All About Me - The Math Way!

Back to school math activities like this digital activity are a great way to keep your students engaged as they review important math concepts from previous years.The beginning of the school year is the perfect time for activities that help your students get to know each other and you.  This Math About Me activity is a fun and engaging All About Me activity with a math twist. 

Students will use math concepts and skills to describe themselves and their families.  It's a wonderful and fun way for them to see how math connects to them personally. And . . . you get a chance to know your students a little better.

You can find Math About Me in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  With options for 1st - 4th grade, you are sure to find the perfect back to school math activity that your students will love!

Number of the Day - Your Daily Math Review

The beginning of the school year is the absolute best time for laying the foundation of your classroom routines.  One of my favorite is Number of the Day.  I love to use these number sense activities every morning as part of our morning work routine.  Not only do students work on important number sense skills, but they also have an easy to follow morning routine that helps to tame the morning chaos.

These no prep Number of the Day activities are so easy to use.  Grab the printable version and all you have to do is copy and go.  If you are in a 1:1 school setting, or interested in adding them to a technology center, grab the digital version and assign them digitally.  Both options provide the same great number sense practice and review.

I have found Number of the Day to be such an effective way to help students build solid number sense skills that I wanted teachers and students of different levels to be able to use them.  In my Teachers Pay Teachers store you will find Number of the Day for Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grades.  I also have a Number of the Week program that is perfect for both Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Find the set that best coordinates with your teaching standards.  And . . . if you'd like an easy way to differentiate for the varying levels of your students check out the bundle with all the grade level skills.

Beginning of Year Math Review

Starting the new year with a review is the perfect way to help get those summer vacation brains back into school mode.  I like to begin the year with a review of a variety of skills.  This helps me get a quick snapshot look into each of my students and where they are.  This provides me with valuable information that I use as we jump into our grade level standards.  It also helps me create my beginning of the year math groups for our small group learning time.

This 2nd grade math review bundle covers all of the first grade math skills.  It's the perfect way to provide that beginning of the year review and kick off your math lessons.  There's more than enough practice included that you can also use these pages to start each new skill or unit with a quick review too.

Grab this 1st and 2nd Grade Math Review Bundle for fun and engaging activities your students will love working on during the first few weeks of school.

Back to School Counting Activities

Another great review activity that students really love are these digital Color My Math activities.  The Back to School sets include a variety of color by number style activities focused on counting.  Since this is generally the first skill we work on during the school year, it's perfect for those first weeks of school.  

As students answer questions correctly, a piece of the picture is colored in.  Students love watching the picture develop as they work through the problems.  If students answer incorrectly they get immediate feedback and can try again.  This self-checking feature allows students to work independently making these perfect for a math center, morning work, or use as an early finisher activity.  You can even share the link for students to work on at home.  

I hope that these Back to School Math activities help to make your life a little easier during the very busy back to school season.  You can fill your lesson plans with these fun and engaging activities and know that you are well on your way to laying a solid math foundation for the school year.

Save these Back to School Math Activities

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Back to school math activities can be fun and engaging with printable and digital resources your students will love. From number sense activities to place value activities to number of the day activities, your students will have fun reviewing important math facts from previous years. #mathreview #backtoschoolmathactivities #backtoschoolmath

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