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Stop the Summer Slide With Fun Math Practice!

Summer will be here before we know it. We've worked so hard with our students all year filling their minds and growing their hearts. The last thing we want to happen is the dreaded summer slide.  So, it's important to send our students home equipped with some activities to help keep their minds fresh and active during their break. We want them to head into next year being fully prepared. Today I'm going to share my favorite activity to stop the summer slide with some fun math practice. 

Use these fun and engaging activities to help your students with math practice at the end of the year, during the summer, or at the beginning of the next year.

Summer Slide

The summer slide is a real thing. When learning slows down for students in between school years, they tend to lose some of the achievements of the year. This is especially noticeable in children from lower-income families. In turn, this widens the achievement gap between students every year as they return to school. As this pattern continues year after year, the gap continues to grow. 

Obviously, this is the last thing we want to happen. We work so hard to fill those gaps and see their achievements grow throughout the year. The good news is that the summer slide can be prevented, or at least diminished to the point that its effects aren't so hindering.

Prevent the summer slide with these fun and engaging math worksheets and digital activities your students will love!
How to Prevent It

There are many different activities students can do over the summer to prevent the summer slide.  The goal is to keep their minds going and do a little review to keep skills and concepts fresh.  I love to send home a summer activity packet with my students, so they are prepared for whatever may come their way.

I've found that sending the activities home provides a much stronger chance that they will actually complete them. Parents are busy working or keeping up with other things, and they don't have the time or the knowledge to find activities to keep their kids busy. They appreciate the work being done for them. I've combined 40 days of fun math practice that is perfect for stopping the summer slide!

Fun Summer Math Practice 

At Home

I don't know any kids who want to sit around all summer and do school work. And . . . that is not what I recommend.  Students need some time to rest, have fun and be kids! However, a few minutes a day is something most of them are willing to do. 

Using worksheets like these at home which are similar to morning work will help your students feel comfortable completing their math practice.I encourage parents to find a routine that works for them and stick with it. Some kids may prefer to knock out their daily work first thing in the morning, while others may like to complete it as an afternoon activity. The timing isn't as important as completing the work and keeping their brains going all summer long.

I set up this fun math practice as a spiral review that mimics morning work. It can be completed in just 5 minutes every day. 
It's short, sweet, and effective. It's full of cute clipart with a beach theme that the kids all love! 

It'll last all summer, and you can be assured your kiddos are getting the review they need.


Some of my parents have set up weekly rewards for the completion of work. Their kids always love a trip to the park or the ice cream shop! A little positive reinforcement can go a long way, especially when asking our kids to do schoolwork during their "off" time. 
Using a reward like this will help keep your kiddos excited about completing their math practice.

In the Classroom

This Summer Math Practice is also great as an end-of-the-year review in the classroom or a daily review during summer school. It is very versatile and can be used for many different things such as:
  • homework
  • classwork
  • independent centers
  • small groups
It is also great to use at the beginning of second grade as a quick review or an easy way to assess your students' math knowledge on the first grade skills. 

Send Your Students Home Prepared

Grab this Fun Math Practice Summer Review now! You'll love that it's no prep and easy to use, and your students will love how engaging it is. The daily math practice covers over 40 days of work to get you through the entire summer. That's eight weeks of practice! The packet includes both a printable and digital version.  If you send it home give parents a choice or share both options with them.

Use these fun and engaging activities to help your students with math practice at the end of the year, during the summer, or at the beginning of the next year.

I know you and your students will absolutely love this engaging resource!  And . . . their second grade teacher will thank you too!

Save It For Later

Be sure to save this pin to your favorite classroom board so you'll be all set and ready to go with some fun math activities to stop the summer slide.

Use these fun and engaging activities to help your students with math practice at the end of the year, during the summer, or at the beginning of the next year.

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