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I am so excited about something starting this week that I had to give you a sneak peek! I have partnered with 30 other math educators to bring you exclusive End-of-Year Math Bundles!

Ultimate Math Bundles

One of my favorite ways to help you save on teaching materials is to bundle related products together. This allows you to grab the products you need and save money at the same time. 

By partnering with other educators, I have the ability to bring you unprecedented value for one tiny price.

Ultimate Math Bundle

But because of the steep discount, we can only offer it for 7 days, so I wanted to be sure you had a heads up so you can add it to your calendar!

Starting March 23, you can grab a bundle of math teaching materials, to help you prep for end-of-year tests, review, and finish well. Each bundle includes: 

  • Self-checking resources, like Boom Cards, Google Forms, and Google Sheets

  • Classroom scavenger hunts to get kids up and moving while reviewing skills

  • Engaging printable games, brain benders, and puzzles to make an end of year review FUN

  • Test prep materials that you can easily weave into your daily routine

And so much more!

So keep an eye out for my email on March 23! I’ll share more of the juicy details and how you can grab this incredible deal!

Not on my list? CLICK here!

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