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Engaging Resources for the New Year

While we may not be in the classroom to celebrate New Year's Day together, we can celebrate when we return.  I love sharing the idea of a fresh start and goals with my students.  These New Year themed math resources are perfect for kick-starting the new year with your students. 

Use fun and engaging New Years resources to get your students excited about practicing their common core math.

A Fresh Start

These New Years resources will help your students practice their daily common core math problems in a fun and engaging way.When we return to school after the holiday break it's time for a fresh start. Sometimes we find ourselves reliving that very first week of school as we are reviewing rules and procedures that our kiddos have forgotten over the break.  In addition to reviewing rules and procedures, a review of skills often lays the foundation for the weeks and months to come.

Then, we are ready to jump right into the second semester. 

The second half of the year always seems to fly by for me with all of the spring activities, test prep, and end-of-the-year madness. 

So it's even more important to go in with a plan that ensures we are covering the necessary skills and standards that our students need to master.

Engaging New Year's Resources

Common Core Daily Math Practice

A daily math review is one of the best things I use in my classroom.  Gone are the days of teach it and forget it.  A spiral review of skills really helps students to master these foundational concepts that are so important.  The daily practice helps them fine-tune those math concepts and reasoning skills. That's exactly what this resource provides! 

These New Years resources math worksheets are great for common core daily math practice.
The resource contains 20 pages (4 weeks) of Common Core aligned practice for your students to focus on working with numbers, representation, and relationships and special meaning. 

ALL standards from the first grade Common Core math curriculum are covered! How awesome is that?

The resource is very versatile. It is broken down into four sets of five pages so you can decide if you want to use the whole set or pick and choose what you want.  Each set covers every math standard at least once, so you can be sure your students are mastering the skills needed. 

It also makes the perfect test prep resource, and your students will love the New Year theme woven throughout the resource.

I love to use this resource for daily warm-up, guided or independent practice, assessments, work for early finishers, and even homework. The possibilities are endless.

These New Year themed math practice pages provide a daily math review of all CCSS first grade math standards.

Mega Math Practice New Year's Edition

This resource focuses on the properties of operations. It provides your students with tons of opportunities to practice finding missing addends and sums while learning to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. 

These New Years resources worksheets focus on part, part, whole and break em apart math problems.
Understanding these skills is crucial to move on to higher-level math concepts like algebraic reasoning. 

This unit is aligned with Common Core Math Standard 1.OA.4: understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction. It includes 14 practice pages all with a new year theme. 

I like to use this resource during our "written math practice" rotation in our guided math session. The pages are also a great reinforcement tool for homework and extra practice for early finishers. 

You can check out my entire collection of Mega Math Practice here in my TPT store. 

Properties of operations are the focus of these awesome New Years resources worksheets.

FREE Common Core New Year Resource

Be sure to grab this freebie to get you started when you return to school after the winter break. It includes 3 pages of Common Core practice pages plus 4 bonus hundreds charts to practice place value. These pages are great to use over and over in centers and for independent practice.

Use these fun and engaging New Years resources featuring common core activities your students will love.

More Engaging Resources

If you want to continue the Common Core math practice leading up to testing, this Winter Sports Daily Math Practice will do the trick. It is set up just like the New Year's Common Core Math Practice mentioned above. So, you can choose how you want to implement it. It works great in tons of different situations.

Use these fun winter sports-themed common core daily practice activities as part of your New Years resources for second semester learning.

With a daily math review, you can start the new year confidently knowing that your students are building a solid math foundation for the rest of the year and the future.

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Use fun and engaging New Years resources to get your students excited about practicing their common core math.

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