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Are you feeling the stress yet? This time of year can be crazy, to say the least. It's hard to prepare meaningful lessons and then actually get to teach them in between all of the holiday festivities and interruptions. It's always best to have a plan but remember, it's also good to be flexible. Bring a little holiday cheer to your math lessons with holiday math resources your students will love.  

These holiday math resources are effective and engaging, so the kids always love them. I like to take my "regular" lessons and add a little bit of holiday fun to them. This helps to tap into my kiddo's excitement and keep them focused during those last few crazy weeks of school before the holidays begin.  We need all the help we can get this time of year, so here's my gift to you... holiday math resources that will make your December math practice fun and exciting for your students. 

Number of the Day

If you've been around for a little while you have probably noticed my love for Number of the Day activities. These holiday math activities featuring the number of the day are the perfect way to develop and reinforce number sense in your classroom. 

Students are provided opportunities to recognize numbers, write numbers, and apply numbers with holiday-themed worksheets they love to complete. You can also be sure all of your math standards are being met with these holiday math activities. 

You can incorporate number of the day activities into your daily routine in several different ways. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is with morning work. At the beginning of the year, I establish a routine with my students. They come in, unpack, and immediately get out their Number of the Day folder and get busy.  

We start our morning by completing the worksheet together as a class. I like to ask for student volunteers to help solve the problems or write the numbers on the whiteboard. 

Because we are reviewing information, this is a great opportunity for me to do a quick informal assessment of my students. This helps me know which skills I need to reteach and when it's time to move on to a new skill. I can also use the information to set up small group practice for students if I need to. 

If you are excited to try out some amazing December Number of the Day activities, be sure to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You will love the ease of these no-prep printable worksheets that are also available in digital form! They are great for morning work or math centers. Your kiddos will love the holiday themes sprinkled throughout the activities. 

Looking for number of the day activities for every season?  The First Grade Number of the Day Year Long Bundle has it all! 

Mega Math Practice

I'm not sure how you set up your math block, but mine consists of daily use of Number of the Day and targeted math skill practice that lines up with our current topic. You can take a peek inside my math block here where I explain everything step by step. 

Mega Math Practice is a comprehensive math resource that includes every CCSS math standards in all 4 strands. 

  • Numbers and Base Ten
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Data
It is jam-packed with over 430 pages of digital and print practice activities for your students.  There's more than enough for students to have guided practice and independent practice for ALL YEAR LONG! 

They are completely adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways. I love to use them for guided practice, independent practice, math centers, homework, and small group work. 

What's even better than Mega Math Practice? Holiday Mega Math Practice of course! Here are some of my favorite Mega Math Practice holiday resources.

These holiday themed skills practice activities are a great way to review and practice important math skills with a fun, holiday twist. Be sure to check them all out in my store! You can even grab this Mega Math Practice Year Long Bundle which includes almost 2,000 pages of first-grade number sense activities! 

Try it Out for Free!

As a special holiday treat, I want to give you the chance to try out Mega Math Practice skills practice for FREE!!!  This Mega Math Practice Making 10 to Add holiday resource gives your students 3 fun pages of holiday math activities they are sure to love. 

While working through these fun mega math practice problems, students will "make ten" by breaking apart a smaller number and then adding the remainder of the broken-apart number to a ten. It's a great way for students to get in some practice in a fun and engaging way.

This unit is aligned with all of the common core standards so you don't have to worry about a thing! Your kiddos will love the holiday theme so much that they won't even realize that they're learning! Be sure to grab it here

You've got Holiday Math Activities Your Students Will Love

I bet you are feeling really excited to get started on these fun holiday math activities with your students. These holiday math resources help to get you and your students in the spirit and take some of your stress away. 

Try to sit back and enjoy the chaos! There are magical moments that happen within all of the crazy.

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