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Math Fun for Second Grade: Back to School

The beginning of the year is such a fun and exciting time. Our classrooms are looking amazing, and we are eagerly waiting for the chance to meet our new students. Once school begins there are so many things to do. We need to get our kiddos settled and establish rules and procedures...not to mention the TON of paperwork to complete. Plus, we need to begin assessing our students and reviewing last year's skills and concepts. Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it! I hope I can make your life a little bit easier with these math fun for second grade back-to-school ideas.

Grab these amazing resources for the entire year in this back to school math review.

Back to School Fun

Your students will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during those first few weeks of school. This is such a perfect opportunity to assess their knowledge and get some baseline data on where you need to begin teaching. Of course, you need to begin with reviewing first grade math skills. The Summer Slide is a real thing and most of your students probably haven't done any type of work for a couple of months. 

Grab these fun math ideas for second grade when you head back to school.
What's the best way to do this? I designed the perfect resources for all of your math back-to-school needs. The best part? They are all included in this Back to School Worksheets Bundle! The resources include all of the first grade math standards in: 
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry
Each of those broad categories is a unit in this first-grade math review resource bundle.  This makes it super easy for you to find what you need at all times.  Mix it up or do a focused review on one strand at a time.  It's also really easy to see related skills together and choose the review activities that your students really need. 

How Should I Use the Resources in My Classroom?

Learn all about how to use these fun math ideas in your second grade classroom.
I always teach using the "guided math" approach. My math block begins with whole group instruction. This is when I introduce new ideas and review spiral concepts. Then we go into guided practice in small groups. This is where I devote most of my math instructional minutes. Finally, we head into independent practice or small groups for intervention. 

So, as you can imagine these resources are geared towards this approach. There are tons of guided practice pages on each topic that can be used for small group work or intervention. There are also lots of independent practice pages. These have less graphics on them for easier printing. 

The activities give students tons of practice with all of the required skills and allow a rigorous path that leads them into the next level of learning. 

What's Included in this Back to School Math Bundle?

Teaching Tools

There are tons of teaching tools included in the back to school math bundle.
Remember each resource covers a math standard. You'll get a colorful teaching poster that is perfect to display on your whiteboard for student reference. They are also great to use as teaching guides during small group instruction and intervention. They are the perfect "cheat sheets" to remind students of what they learned the previous year.  

Student Practice Sheets

Each resource standard includes two different student practice sheets. There are many ways to use these worksheets such as whole group instruction, independent practice, morning work, small group instruction, intervention, or even homework.  You'll also get a printable and digital version!

The digital version makes this resource a great tool for distance learning.  The activities are all colorful and interactive so that your students will enjoy the lessons without even knowing how hard they are working. Just choose the option that works best for your class. Remember to mix it up often to keep your students actively engaged!

The back to school bundle includes a digital version as well so you are prepared for any situation.

Differentiation Made Easy

All of your bases are covered with this resource bundle. Because it covers every.single.standard, you can be sure your students will have a quality review to build on.  As you see struggles or gaps in student learning, you can easily pull practice activities to target that specific skill.  This also allows you to be able to individualize instruction. You can assign practice to your students based on the skills that THEY need to master. This allows you to continue to challenge your students without frustrating them. 

Use the Back to School Math Fun With 2nd Grade Year Round

This bundle isn't just for back-to-school time. It is great to use in your classroom all year long. As you know math skills build on each other. As the skills you're teaching progress though out the year, you may notice some gaps in your students' learning. These resources are perfect for extra practice to close the gaps...so you can be sure that you aren't leaving anyone behind. 

Beginning of the Year resource for standard I.G.
Grab this beginning of the year resource for standard I.MD.

This bundle includes everything you need for the standard I.NBT.

Everything you need to teach the standard I.OA is included in this resource.

Let's Get the Fun Started

I know that you and your students will love the fun and simplicity of these Back to School Math resources. Give them a try today! You'll be able to rest easy knowing your kids are getting the knowledge they need without having to "drill and kill" them. 

Grab the entire bundle that includes all fo my back to school math resources.

Save These Back to School Resources

Be sure to pin this to your favorite back-to-school math board. You'll have everything you need to let the fun begin. 

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