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Going digital is important now more than ever. Even before the pandemic, technology had taken its place as a major leader in our classrooms. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, technology has become crucial for us to continue to reach our students. As teachers it is so important for us to make our lessons adaptable so that they can easily convert to whatever the day brings. It might be face to face learning, distance learning, or a hybrid combination of both!  And. . . what you do tomorrow might be different from today. In second grade, there are many important foundational math skills that are introduced and taught. As a veteran teacher, I know how important it is to make sure my students are getting everything they need, even if I don't have them with me everyday. Going digital was the perfect option and I have found lots of fun, engaging and effective 2nd grade digital math resources. I can't wait to share them with you!

Digital Place Value Activities

Place value is one of those super important foundational skills that requires understanding because the standard just keeps growing and building over the years. Students must understand what numbers represent and how numbers relate to each other.  This is place value. 

Often times students struggle with the concept because it is so abstract. Over the years I've found that reaching my students through a more concrete approach has helped tremendously with their understanding. I love to use manipulatives such as base ten blocks or place value counters to help with this concept. However, this teaching method becomes a bit more challenging when we switch to digital learning. No worries! I've got you covered. I took all of my favorite place value activities and created a Digital Place Value Google Slides Numbers to 1,000 bundle! 

digital place value activities for second grade

Here are just a few of the important skills your students will work with the digital place value activities:
  • Typing the number in word form
  • Expanded notation
  • Building a number with base ten blocks
  • Building a number with place value discs
All of the prep work is done for you!  That makes this no-prep option a time saver for you without sacrificing any of the rigor or learning opportunities for your students. With numbers to 1,000, you can use the resource all year long.   Check out the digital place value fun in this video:

Digital Hands-On

My students love it because it is hands-on and so interactive. They really love being able to move the different manipulatives and build the numbers.  This makes it as close to hands-on as you can get in the digital realm.  And we all know that hands-on practice is what helps our students master these new skills.
You can incorporate these digital place value activities into your daily routine in so many different ways. It is perfect for math centers and independent work while you are still teaching in the classroom. And it transitions beautifully to distance learning because it is already DIGITAL!  I have found that using it in the classroom made for a very easy transition when we switched to virtual later.  

As you know place value is not one of those one-and-done lessons. I think it is so important to practice place value daily in the classroom. Using this digital resource allows me to do just that while keeping my kids actively engaged and meeting all of their different learning styles. My kids love this resource so much! They are always begging for more, so I've started incorporating it as an extension activity at the end of some of my lessons. It works out great! 

Try it Out for Free!

If you want to complete a test run with this type of activity in your classroom, be sure to grab this Digital Halloween Place Value Numbers to 1000 FREEBIE! You and your students will get a sneak peek of the place value greatness in this free 30-page PDF that is already set up and ready to go with Google slides. 

Digital Number of the Day

Place value and number sense go hand in hand.  And my motto for both is "repetition, repetition, repetition!" So it shouldn't be a surprise that I try to sprinkle it throughout my entire day and not just cover it in isolation during my math block.  When we see a number in a book, we do a quick number talk.  I've even been known to stop our class line walking down the hall when I see a number that lines up with a great review or reinforcement of our math lesson.  Numbers are everywhere and so are learning opportunities.

So Many Ways to Use it!

I've found that adding Number of the Day to my morning meeting routine is another seamless way to integrate math in our day.  I love to add the skill in during morning meeting while we are all on the carpet together. It is so easy to intertwine with calendar skills or by having the kids count by 2s or 5s on their way to the carpet. 

Using a digital Number of the Day Activity is also one of my favorite ways to sneak in place value during a transition time. It's so easy to project on the board so that students can see it from anywhere in our classroom. 

It also works really well as daily morning work.  It comes in both printable and digital forms which makes it great for any learning situation.  It serves as a great spiral review for a variety of number sense skills.  I have found this very effective with students who are struggling because they get repeated practice of a previously taught skill.  We also use this as a review in our math groups.  Here I can differentiate for the needs of each group by making the daily activity match the needs of the students.

Number Sense for the Entire Year

The Second-Grade Number of the Day Bundle has everything you need to get you through the entire school year! While it covers all of the 2nd grade standards, it can also be used for 1st and 3rd grades! 

The Number of the Day Bundle includes 11 different units, one for each month of the school year!  Just imagine having morning work done for the year...or a chunk of your morning meeting done for the year...or a quick review for small groups done for the year.  You won't have to worry that you're meeting the standards because it is all done for you.  Here's a glimpse into this fun digital resource:

Try it out in your classroom!

Give the digital Number of the Day activities a try in your classroom with this free Back to School themed Number of the Day activity. Try one week number of the day for free!  It's a great way to set a routine, try out using it in different ways and decide if it will help both you and your students.  And . . . you don't have to use it only during back to school season. With a school theme, you can use it any time of the year.  It will make a great review!

Number Lines

Remember earlier how I mentioned that I like to teach place value in a more concrete way? Number lines are another example of how I do that. They are great hands-on learning tools where students are really able to visualize the concept being taught. I always have a number line visible in the classroom. We use it to skip count, to find numbers before and after, to compare numbers and so much more!  The kids love to take turns coming up to the board and moving the pointer as we count.  I wanted to be able to use these same concepts digitally too, so I turned these resources into a Digital Number Line with Numbers to 100 activity.

When we are face to face in the classroom, I mainly use this activity in math centers. It is perfect for centers because it is so interactive. The students get to move numbers and text boxes around on their screens. When we switch to distance learning, I'm able to use these slides as an extension to our lessons or even as homework. I can even pull up the activity and use it to teach or model by sharing my screen in our online video conference.  There are so many possibilities with these engaging and interactive number line activities. 

Color My Math

Who doesn't love to color? I know my students' eyes light up when it is time to break out our color boxes in class. It is hard to lug all those materials back and forth from home to school, though, and it is even harder for parents to keep up with all of those supplies at home...especially when they are trying to work from home and supervise their child's online learning. 

Color My Math takes the headache out of coloring! Students are able to complete the same concept digitally! As they correctly answer questions, a piece of the coloring sheet is filled in for them! They love to watch the progression and keep coming back for more. Tons of skills such as place value, ten more ten less, and rounding are covered in the bundle. If you want to find out more about how to use color my math in your classroom be sure to read this blog post

Want more digital resources?

Check out these awesome No-Prep digital resources that will keep your students engaged and learning important math skills and concepts!

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