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All About Me With a Math Twist

The beginning of the school year is always a great time to get to know your students.  But really, is there a bad time to get to know your students better?  Here's how I get to know students in my math classroom.

All About Me activity with a math twist is a great digital activity to get to know your students better.

Sometimes get-to-know-you activities seem better suited as a language arts activity with the writing and speaking standards.  Sometimes they don't seem to connect to any academic skills.  While I know how very important it is to use activities of this nature to build a classroom community and get to know my students, I really love when they connect to our learning too.  That is what I created these Math About Me activities.

Students will tell about the numbers that describe them  (their age, number of people in their family, etc.)  A great get to know you activity in the math classroom.

One Activity - Three Goals

I'm all about double and triple dipping as long as it's not with my chips and salsa.  But when it comes to classroom activities I LOVE when an activity has 2 or 3 purposes.  The more the better.  That is the case with the Math About Me digital activities.

Goal 1: Get to Know Your Students

With this fun and engaging digital activity, you have the opportunity to get to know your students and some facts about them and their family.  This is a great way to build connections in your classroom.

All About Me activity that is perfect for math class.  Digital activity for elementary students.

Goal 2: Informal Assessment of Math Skills

Within the Math About Me activity, students will be working with numbers in a variety of ways.  This is a great way to informally assess your students math skills and get a little insight into where they are, what they do well, and what they might be struggling with.

Get to know your students and practice math skills with this Math About Me digital activity.

Goal 3: Technology Skills

This All About Me activity is a digital activity that uses Google Slides.  Through the activity students will learn and practice typing and using text boxes, clicking and completing a drag and drop function.  All of these are skills we will use with other digital activities throughout the year.  So while the ultimate goal is getting to know my students, I can also use this as a great opportunity to begin teaching how to use the Google apps and complete basic technology functions.

Math About Me for 1st & 2nd Grade

This Math About Me activity was designed for first and second grade students, although with some reading help it could be completed by kindergarten students too!  The math part of this get to know you activity focuses on numbers and building numbers with ten frames and tally marks

1st and 2nd grade students will love this All About Me activity

Students will have a chance to tell about themselves and see the numbers associated with them, their family and their pets.  

Get to know your students and the numbers in their life with Math About Me for 1st & 2nd Grade.  You can find this fun digital activity in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Digital Math All About Me Activity for 1st and 2nd Grades

Math About Me for 3rd & 4th Grade

I created a second version of Math About Me for 3rd & 4th grade students.  While the get to know you parts of the activity are similar to the version for younger students, the math aspects are not.  Students will use "their numbers" and calculate 10 more and 100 more as well as writing equations with numbers related to their life.  

Digital Math activity and get to know you activity for elementary students

Here's some of the fun your students will have with Math About Me for elementary students.

You can find this Math About Me Activity in my TpT store too!

Digital Math About Me Activity for 3rd and 4th grades

I love getting my students to work with numbers in ways that are different and fun and these Math About Me activities do just that.  So why not get to know your students a little better and have some math fun too!

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Get to know you students and their numbers with this fun digital All About Me activity with a math twist.

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