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The Summer Slide - don't let the term fool you.  It's not a playful summer day at the park.  Actually, this term is used for the backward slide of academic skills during the summer.  Yep, it is true and if you have been in the classroom you have seen the effects of it.  But we can and should fight against the summer slide.

the summer slide and a summer math review

Fighting against the summer slide is not hard.  In fact, in just a few minutes a day students can keep their skills fresh and in tip-top shape.  A skills-based review that students can complete independently is the perfect answer for the summer slide.

Summer Math Review

A few years ago I put together a daily math review activity to send home with my first-grade students.  I sent it home with students at the end of the school year.  I helped parents know what to do and assured them it would be easy and just take a few minutes.  The students and parents loved it!  Now your students can too!  Using a fun summer beach theme, students will practice all of the first grade math skills.

review page for math during summer

In addition to basic math problems, this summer math review also provides students practice with word problems.

Each day students complete one page of this spiral math review.  In just a few minutes students will practice a variety of different skills.  The spiral nature of this review means that students don't get bored doing the same thing but instead stay on top of all skills by doing a little practice every day.

summer math review to prevent the summer slide

This summer review includes a total of 40 practice pages (5 a week for 8 weeks).  Now let's just be honest for a sec - I know that not all students are going to work over the summer.  That's a problem that has be tackled from the top down and probably best left for a different post.  But if we could get our students to do just half, they would be in a better place starting the next school year. 

Print or Digital?  How About Both!

This year the look of education has gotten turned on its head.  With the COVID pandemic, distance learning is the new norm.  I have worked quickly to turn this great summer review into a digital resource in order to meet the demands of our current educational state.  

math review for google slides

The Summer Math Review is now available in both print and digital options.  With the print format, teachers or parents simply print out the pages, and students complete one each day.  

summer slide math review sheet

The digital format is just like the paper format except it is completed on a device like a computer or a tablet.  Using Google Slides, students will answer questions in the provided text boxes (no formatting experience necessary).  Students can zoom in on a tablet (or even a phone) and easily see where to answer due to the colors!

summer math review for computer or tablet

The simple student instructions tell them that can type their answer inside any orange area.  Any green elements can be moved into place to answer the question.  Students LOVE the interactive nature of this digital math review.

The digital word problems using Google Jamboard are a hit with students.  They really love the opportunity to create a picture for the problem and show their work.  For more on Jamboard click here.

first grade summer math review

Don't you just love the options for showing work on the digital version!  I think it's my favorite part!

Let's Equip Our Students to Fight the Summer Slide

Grab the Summer Math Review and equip your first-grade students to fight the summer slide.  Choose from the Print Version, the Digital Version, or the Bundle that has both print and digital!  Give students and parents access to the math review (print or digital version).  Then give parents simple instructions and one page a day guideline.  I believe that if parents know upfront what to expect they are more likely to buy into the summer review.  

Not sure sending summer review will work?  I totally get that!  Why not end the year with a review of all the skills you worked on.  This 40-day review is great for the end of the school year too!  Use it as a daily math warm-up, a center activity, or morning work during the last 8-9 weeks of school.  It makes a great informal assessment and you can clearly see what concepts your students have mastered.

You can do a hybrid review too!  Complete the first 20 pages in school during the last month of the year.  Then send the last 20 pages home for students to complete over the summer.  Parents can do just a couple each week, or do them daily in the month leading up to the new school year.  

Try it First!

I know that an important review like this needs to work for you and your students.  That's why I created this FREE sample so you could try it out.  The preview packet includes three sample pages and a detailed preview of the review.

summer slide math review free

Grab the Full Summer Math Review! 

Printable Version

Digital Version

Print and Digital Version

Pin It to Save It! 

If you are not quite ready for the summer review, just pin this to one of your favorite Pinterest boards.  That way when summer arrives you will be able to get back here quickly and help your students stop the summer slide.

Summer Math Practice

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