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The end of the year can be so hard.  Student focus is at an all-time low and your brain is whirling with all of the things that have to be done in order to wrap up another school year.  But school isn't over and its a great time to review the concepts from the year in order to solidify learning.  This fun first grade math review is just what you need.

math review for first grade

It's Fiesta Time!

I'm from Texas, and in Texas, we love a good fiesta.  That's Texan {Spanish really} for a good ol' party!  Why not share some fiesta fun with your first graders.  I think math is a great reason for a party and if you offer your students the choice between a math assignment or a math party I'm pretty sure they will choose the party too!

This resource was designed to be a fun and engaging end-of-the-year activity.  You know that time of the year when students are getting a little antsy and it's harder and harder to get them to focus?  Yep - that time of the year when we need to pull out something extra special to keep them going.  Well here is that extra special - it's a First Grade Math Fiesta!  Just the excuse you need for a party!

Balloons, streamers, and banners are optional - but boy would they add to the fun atmosphere!  I know I'd have more fun doing math or anything for that matter in a fiesta environment!  

If you'd like to set the stage for your math party just check out this great kit with everything you would need to create a classroom Fiesta! {These links are affiliate links which means I might get a small commission from Amazon - but your price doesn't change!}

And to kick off or finish up your math fiesta - these are some super cute photo booth props that I know your kids would LOVE!

Obviously, you want to take out the margarita and tequila props.  Maybe save those for the teacher's lounge.  :-) The props and decorations might not be necessary but the Math Fiesta is!

First Grade Math Fiesta

The First Grade Math Fiesta is an end of the year review of all first grade math standards.  This resource gives you everything you need, and more, to review the skills and give students a chance to practice them again too!  Did I mention that every.single.standard is covered in this resource!  

The First Grade Math Fiesta covers:
  • All Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards
  • All Number and Operations in Base Ten standards
  • All Measurement and Data standards
  • All Geometry standards

Each of those broad categories is a unit in this first-grade math review resource.  This makes it super easy for you to find what you need when you need it.  It's also really easy to see related skills together and choose the best review activities for your students.  Take a sneak peek at all the Math Fiesta Fun you'll find in this resource:

Not Just for the End of the Year!

While designed as a year-end review, this resource could easily be used all year long as a supplement to your math curriculum.  Need extra practice on a skill?  No problem!  Just grab a ready to use activity for the standard you are working on.  Need some reteaching activities or intervention resources?  No problem!  You'll find fun and engaging practice for every first grade skill!  The First Grade Math Fiesta is filled with lots of great teaching tools and student practice.

What's Included in the Math Fiesta?

Teaching Tools

For each math standard, you receive a full-color teaching sheet that is perfect for projecting or viewing on the SmartBoard.  You could also use them as guides for small group instruction.  These teaching sheets give practice problems and tips for solving.  They are a great way to remind students of the math steps and strategies they have learned.  They are also perfect for hanging on the wall as an anchor chart so students can reference prior lessons.  

Student Practice in Two Forms

Each standard also includes student practice pages that are great for whole-class independent practice, morning work, math centers, small group instruction, or even intervention.  This resource includes both printable practice pages and digital practice activities. You can choose the option that works best for your class or mix it up to keep them engaged!  

The digital activities are full of color and interactive activities to keep students engaged.  The printable are black and white to make it easy for you to print and copy.  Students love coloring all the pictures when they are done.

If you purchased this resource before the digital activities were added, just head to Teachers Pay Teachers and download the resource again!  That way you have the most up to date version available.

Easy Differentiation

In addition to having practiced for every standard, it makes the ability to differentiate so easy.  Many of the math standards build on one another.  So give students review and practice on the highest related skill that they can work at.  This keeps every child challenged without being frustrated.  If a student is ready and able to work on addition with 3 numbers then challenge them there.  But if a student is struggling with addition, challenge them with addition of 2 numbers.  Both students will be working on the same important math skill.

It's Fiesta Time!

Give the First Grade Math Fiesta a try.  Your students will love the change of pace and you'll love knowing that the end of your year is filled with Easy Prep, Standards-Based Math.  

First Grade Fiesta Bundle

Save these First Grade Math Resources

I hope you and your students enjoy ending the year with a math FIESTA!  If you aren't ready to party just yet - pin one of the images above to your favorite classroom Pinterest board.  That way when it's Party Time - you will be able to jump back over here to find everything you need!

Standards based math review for first grade - includes teaching tools and practice for all math standards

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