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Spring is here and most people think of flowers and sunshine and all sorts of happy things.  But if you are a teacher, there's a very good chance that spring makes you think some not so happy thoughts like end of the year testing.  Although that test always seems to loom in the back of our minds, there's something about spring that brings it to the forefront.  Today I'm here to share some resources to make your Fourth Grade Math Review a lot easier!

Whether you are looking specifically for a test prep review or just and end of the year review, these fourth grade math resources are perfect.  As you see each of these resources you will see that some look more "test prep" than others.  If you are using this as an end of year review that is not connected with testing, distance learning due to emergency school closures, or just an end of the year check for your students then you might like the resources that look less like test prep and more like fun math practice.  That's the great thing about these fourth grade math review resources, they are so versatile!

Let's Start With Planning

Sometimes just trying to figure out how to fit it all in is half the battle.  I've done the hard part for you!  I have put together a daily plan to help you review all of the fourth grade math standards.  There is a 5 week plan and a 3 week plan so that you can choose the one that will work best for you.  By following one of these plans you will be reviewing all of the standards that your students need to know.  Since I teach in Texas, this plan is based on the TEKS, however, there are many, many similarities between the TEKS, CCSS and other state standards.  I don't know about you, but once I have a plan things go much smoother. 
The activities in this bundle are not only fun and engaging for your students, but also include everything you need to get your 4th graders ready to ace their spring standardized math test.

Task Cards

I just love task cards, don't you?  By the time we get to test or review time, our students don't want to see another math problem.  {Feel free to read that with as much groaning as you can muster!} I can hand out a worksheet with 20 problems and my students groan, mumble and lose a little bit of engagement.  But if I take 20 math problems on task cards and post them around the room or the school and I tell them we are doing a scavenger hunt - well you'd of thought I just gave them a no homework pass!  It really is amazing how much the presentation can play into student engagement and excitement.  Look at these examples from the FREE Measuring Angles Task Card Set.

Fourth grade math review is easy and fun with these measuring angles task cards for fourth grade.
I totally get why students love them.  One question at a time to focus on and think about, add some movement to help those kinesthetic learners and task cards quickly become a class favorite.

In this set of fourth grade math task cards, I have put together standard-specific task cards for all of the fourth grade math standards.  What does this mean?  Well, if you are using that handy dandy plan I mentioned earlier, you can pull the task cards that align to the standards for the day and your activity is ready to go!

Do you use technology for activities in your classroom?  I have these standards-based task cards available in printable or digital form (Google Classroom ready or Boom version) so you can mix it up to keep your students interested.

You can find all the Fourth Grade Standards Based Task Cards in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you'd like to save money, you can purchase the bundle that includes all printable and digital task cards!

These task cards are a quick and easy way to get your students excited about practicing their 4th grade math skills.

Puzzles and Games

Another way to get your students reviewing and practicing these important math skills is with math puzzles.  These hands-on activities will bring a smile to your students faces because they are different and don't feel so much like math problems.

These puzzles are also great for intervention or small group instruction.  As you guide through the steps of solving the problem you can add a piece to the puzzle.  Then let the students put the puzzle together while talking through the steps and thinking about the problem.  Seeing, hearing, touching, moving - that's what I call a multi-sensory approach to math!

You can find all of the fourth grade math puzzles here!

Puzzles and games are a great way to get your fourth grade students excited about practicing their math facts to prepare for the spring State tests.

Short Daily Quizzes

Whether you call these a quiz, morning work, a bell ringer, or exit ticket, these short daily quizzes are a wealth of information for you as you prepare your students.  Each of these quiz sets focuses on one math standard.  Each quiz is 5 standardized testing style questions. 
These short daily quizzes are a great way for students to show what they know and for you to know what they still need to practice before the big test.

I like to use them in a couple different ways.  Some years I use them before we review the standard to see where the class is, so I know what to focus on during our review time.  Other years I have used them after our review time to check mastery of the skill.  You could even use them for both.  

Give the quiz as a pre-review gauge but DO NOT give the students the answers.  Instead, use the information to determine where you need to focus, set up small groups based on need, etc.  Then complete the other review activities for this standard.  After reviewing the math standard with some different activities like task cards and puzzles, give the students the same daily quiz again. When the students say "we already did this" just answer them with something like "well then it should be easy!" 

Once you have the pre and post quiz you have some valuable information in your hands.  You can clearly see who has mastered this topic and who is still struggling.  This makes great data for planning future instruction.

You can find all of the standards based Daily Quizzes on Teachers Pay Teachers.

These daily quizzes are a great way for you to see where your students may still need some practice.

Resources for Intervention

After getting that great data from the quizzes you might find the need for some intervention for some students.  I have put together some additional guided practice sheets that are perfect for intervention.  You can also use these with the entire class if you feel the class needs a little more intensive review of a specific skill or concept.

These skill-based intervention packets include a mini-lesson and three practice pages.  There is a set for Tier I intervention (students struggling on grade level) and another set for Tier II and Tier III interventions (students working below grade level).

These intervention activities are geared towards students who need skill-based intervention before the state math test.

Your Comprehensive 4th Grade Math Review Plan

If you want everything in one place so that you can download, print and begin today, you will love this Fourth Grade Math Review Bundle.  This bundles includes everything you need!  You get the 5 week and 3 week plan, the task cards, the puzzles, and the daily quizzes.  This bundle also includes extra guided practice sheets that are perfect for intervention.  It is literally everything you need to do a great review before test time or for the end of the year.

The activities in this bundle are not only fun and engaging for your students, but also include everything you need to get your 4th graders ready to ace their spring standardized math test.

My hope is that now you are a little less stressed about the upcoming weeks and months.  Instead, fill your mind with those happy thoughts of spring.  Thoughts of students happily practicing math, mastering concepts, and loving the process of learning.

Save it for Later

Be sure to save this to your favorite math board so you're all set and ready to go with fourth grade math review.

These engaging 4th grade math review activities are the perfect way to get in some meaningful practice before state mandated testing this year.

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