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And the winner is... second grade math and science!  I'm very excited to jump into a new adventure next year.  I will be at a large public school district in Houston.  The school is about the same size as the charter school where I last worked.  I will have three classes of second grade math and science -- one will be a bilingual class.  Because I am an ESL  teacher (English as a Second Language), this will not be much different than the classes that I have taught in the last six years.

Unlike the last few years when I have usually had about a day and a half (I'm not kidding!) to ready my classroom, I will be able to start getting my classroom ready in the beginning of August.  I'm so excited to start with a clean slate and look forward to sharing pics of my new room.

Then...there is the question about my blog name:
I am now officially Mrs Balius!

I am busy digging into the second grade math curriculum.  I think that I am really a math teacher at heart.  I had originally wanted to teach MS math when I began teaching, but since I have grown to LOVE the 1-3 group, this assignment is right up my ally.  The curriculum is much more developed that where I have been in the past. I have had to created a lot of my own curriculum before.  Because things are planned out so completely in my new school, it will be a learning curve to follow lessons that have already been written.  I wonder is this will be easier or harder?  I hope that I can still incorporate a lot of my own stuff, especially the Second Grade Number of the Day.

I'm also busy creating new math stations to go along with Number of the Day.   I plan to eventually create centers for each month to go along with both the monthly theme, and get progressively more rigorous throughout the year.  

Here is a look at the Back to School edition.  It includes five differentiated math centers that review the Firth grade Common Core Math Curriculum and the First Grade Math TEKS. (I have said before that they are very similar).  More in this here.
1. Place Value Puzzles:
     Number, base ten blocks and expanded form.
2. Write It! Multiple Representation:
     Choose a number.  Write is different ways.
3. Order It! (Five different options for differentiation)
    1) Three Number Puzzles
    2) Four card number least to greatest
    3) Four card number greatest to least
    4) Four number-expanded form least to greatest
    5) Four number-expanded form greatest to least
4. Odd or Even
    Determine if numbers and place value facts are odd or even.
5. More or Less: (Eight options for differentiation)
    Pick a number, spin an operation, record the answer.
    Eight spinners include with a range of tasks:

     1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less, 5 more, 5 less, 2 more, 2 less
      20 more, 20 less
All of the Number of the Day math stations use the same numbers that are part of the Number of the Day units -- important for practice and re-enforcement of number sense.  
The whole year bundle will be coming soon!!
Number of the Day Math Center practice includes:
**Odd/Even (1.NBT and 2.OA.3)
**Representing numbers using base ten blocks. (1.NBT.2)
**Comparing and ordering numbers using place value. (1.NBT.3)
**One more, one less. (1.NBT.4)
**Ten more, ten less. (1.NBT.5)
**Two more, two less. (1.NBT.4)
**Twenty more, twenty less. (1.NBT.4 and 1.NBT.6)

This unit is aligned with the First and Second Grade Common Core Math Standards, and includes five math centers.  I use these centers as part of my guided math rotations.

Each math station has student instructions, an example page for visual and ESL learners,
and teacher instructions and ideas for differentiation.
Please check our this FREEBIE PREVIEW that includes one complete station FREE:
You may also like my Second Grade Number of the Day whole year bundle:  
The Number of the Day units give your students a lot of practice working with numbers, representation and relationships.  All students need daily practice working with numbers to effectively develop their number sense.
You  may purchase the whole year here.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Second Grade!


  1. I am so excited for you! Your second grade # of the day books will be a BIG hit! Although I am teaching first (and have ALL of your first grade # of the day books), one of my co-workers is looping up to second with her kids and is already planning to purchase the 2nd grade Number of the day bundle! Good luck!! :)

  2. So happy I found this post!! I teach Math and Science (2nd grade) too! I am at a small charter school in East TX. Do you use math rotations with guided math? I am trying to find more resources to implement this in my classroom.

  3. So happy I found this post!! I teach Math and Science (2nd grade) too! I am at a small charter school in East TX. Do you use math rotations with guided math? I am trying to find more resources to implement this in my classroom.


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