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Five for Friday February 13, 2015

A quick look at my week. I was only at school for 1.1 days. So this will be REALLY quick. 
My week started with Katie throwing up all over my shoes. Nothing says motherhood like your child vomiting in you!  I stayed home with her on Monday. 
This is one of the anchor charts that I currently have up. 
They use these anchor charts to make computations using our Toy Store and Book Store posters. I ask them questions like, "What is ten more than the cost of the Box of Pillows?"  and "How many pages do the Frozen book and the mind Craft book have altogether?"  We do this as part of our daily math warm up on the carpet after our Number of the Day practice. We practice saying the answers to a partner and them sharing them as a whole group. 
We continue to work on math fact and sight word drills. 
Katie was feeling a little better just as I was starting to feel badly. We took a quick trip to the Children's Museum of Houston.  She loves to climb the rock wall!
I started feeling Ill and running a fever on Tuesday night. I stayed home Wesday and stayed in bed at my husband's insistence. (I was going to go in with a fever!  Why do we do this?). I went in Thursday and was sick within the hour, and so left to go to the Doctor. She said I had acute gastroenteritis and needed to stay out of school until Monday. 
Since I was in bed most of the week I was getting a bit of cabin fever.  Alan took Katie and me to Fudruckers. This is the first solid food I attempted to eat since Tuesday night.  Needless to say, I didn't eat much.  I've lost 15 pounds.  I just might win the Biggest Loser this spring.

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