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Five for Friday -- May Second, 2014

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This week, we continued our end of year math review.  

First Grade Fiesta End of a Year Review. 


My kids love to draw during math!  This week we focused on operations and algebraic thinking!

I love this two week long unit on spiders!  We use a great book by Esther Cullen.  It has some great illustrations!

We read about spiders.
We wrote about spiders.
We labeled spiders. 

And we drew spiders.

My final student passed his high frequency word assessment...
After which spontaneous joy erupted in my classroom.  I love how my kids have learned to support each other!

I continue to tutor eighth grade math.
Lots of cutting, folding and gluing!
They don't always work this hard!

Don't know what I would do without my Starbucks Refreshers.

They take the second administration of the STAAR test in two weeks.  They actually do have a third chance to pass in June.  The more students that pass this month, the less students I will have in summer school.  Did I say that I am teaching eighth grade math in summer school?  Did I say that I am a first grade teacher?

Yay!!  I got new business cards.  I'd like to give a shout to Casey over at HotBliggetyBlog.
She designed my blog, so I thought I would have her design my business cards.  Pretty cool, huh?

I am going out of town for a couple of days to get some rest!  Can you say twenty days left of school?

Have a greet weekend.

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