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10 Things I Want to do this Summer!

I'm not quite finished with school but I'm already thinking about my summer plans!  Deanna Jump is hosting this great Linky Party, so I decided to join in!  Here are ten this I want to do this summer, in no particular order!
1. Rest
Mrs Balius, Mrs Balius, Miss, Miss, Mrs Balius......
Really y'all, this what I dream!
There really is no tired like teacher tired!

2. Katie has just finished first grade.  The last couple of years I have worried about her academic progress. (What parent doesn't worry some, but I was admittedly TOO worried!). I am happy to say that she is reading on level and has even been nominated for the GT (Gifted and Talented) program at our school!

We plan to do a lot if reading this summer!  She has watched all of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movies and has now started reading the books. She loves to read!

3.  I plan to spend time with my beautiful daughter and wonderful husband.

He spoils me!

4. A trip to Virginia!

Every summer since I have been married, my little family (Alan, Katie and I), have taken a summer trip.  It has become tradition to go to see my sister and her kids in northern Virginia.  In the past, we have mainly gone to Williamsburg to take in water parks and historical sites.  This year my niece will turn sixteen and my sister is throwing her a great big bash!

Does she look 16?   More like 25!

The cousins can't wait to get back together!
And I can't wait to see my little sister!
5. Washington DC
We also plan to see all that DC has to offer.  
I love to go to the Smithsonian.  One of my favorite exhibits is the First Ladies' gowns in the American History Building.
6.My father-in-law passed away on May 12th.  On our way back from Virginia, we will stop off in Biloxi, Mississippi where Carl Balius will be interred at the National Cemetery there.
Biloxi at its finest!

7. I will be sharing my TpT stuff at three conferences this summer.  TpT has been such a blessing to me.  I'm kicking it up a notch with some of my promotional activities.

My new business cards.
My new pens.

My new promo book.  
8.  LAS VEGAS!!!!!!
I will be going to Las Vegas for the SDE conference this summer.  Yes, it IS a conference with workshops and keynotes and stuff, but the thing that I am looking forward to the most is meeting up with all of the friends that I have made in the Blogging and TpT world.  Some amazing people will be there.  (Including Deanna Jump, who is hosting thus great linky!)
I can't contain my excitement about meeting so many of the people that I have learned from over the past year and a half.
9.  The first ever TpT conference.

At the tail end of the SDE conference is the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  I WILL be attending all of those sessions to learn as much as I can about growing my little business.  Everyone who is anyone from TpT will be there!
10. Catching up on TV
If I have any time after doing all if this traveling, I plan to catch up on a couple of shows that I missed during the school year.
Downton Abbey
Mad Med

Check out what some of my blogging friends will be doing this summer back at Mrs. Jump's Class:


  1. I wish I could go to Vegas this summer but we are taking our parents on a 50th Anniversary cruise. I'd love to see what is inside your promo book.
    P.S. Your business cards are perfect!!

  2. I'm sorry I won't get to meet you this summer! I KNOW you will have fun on your cruise. There's always next year.


  3. OFF TOPIC...Fell in love with Barq's root beer when we went to Biloxi years ago. When they sold the recipe to Coke, I was so very disappointed to taste another boring dull root beer! Have you noticed a taste change? I am always trying to find the perfect root beer!

  4. Yes, sadly, it did change. Try Barqus in a bottle. It's still the best!


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