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April 18th Five for Friday!

This was a pretty exhausting week, both at school and at home!  

We have been getting ready for Earth Day here in Houston.  I teach at a public charter school.  We are a "Community School"  that is a part of a Community Center.  The school and community center regularly join together for community based projects.  Earth day is no exception. 

This year we will work together to add to, and tend our community garden.  This is a project that combines local companies' monetary support with volunteer labor from the school and the surrounding community.  The garden produces fruit and vegetables that are then used for the school food program as an education tool in the school.  This is a great way for for the various groups to interact, and give the students contact with the wider community.

These are some of the "fruits" of the garden:

This week we administered our high frequency word assessments.  Students must get 80% of the seventy five words correct to pass.  This is one of several promotion standards for our first graders.  As of this week, all but one of my students have passed! YAY!
Some of you know that I am tutoring both seventh and eighth graders in math. The seventh graders take the STAAR (Texas required state assessment) next week.  The eighth graders who took the test a couple of weeks ago, find out this week if the need to take the test again in May. So, this week was pretty intense as far as tutoring goes!

These are my seventh graders working on multiplying and dividing fractions.  I have been using some great flippable products from 4MulaFun's TpT store:

In preparation for the STAAR my class made cards for the kids taking the test next week.  My kids made eggs (Easter Theme) and decorated them with fun well wishes for their friends in the fifth grade.

I have been trying to motivate my self to do more blogging.   What better way that to use a new tool.  Look what I got, y'all!!!!!!

I GOT AN iPAD!!!!!

And, finally.....I am so excited to be going to Las Vegas this summer to attend the SDE conference as well as the first annual TpT conference!   A few bloggers are getting together the evening of July 9th to compare notes and have a little social time.  I'm going and very excited to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers from around the world!
Have a great weekend!

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