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I don't mean to sound dismal (yay!)  It's almost here. The end of the school year!

I can't believe that this year has flown by so quickly. There are a lot of things my kids are doing right now to get ready for the end of the year. Before we know it, my kids will be taking the Stanford 10 test and be on their way to second grade. For more about how I use all of the data I collect in my classroom, including the Stanford 10, come back for an upcoming post.

From about the middle of April forward I like to start reviewing all of the first grade math standards. I live in Texas so the standards from which we teach are called the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Texas has not joined to rest of he Common Core bandwagon. Instead, they have just revised the math TEKS that will be implemented next year. They look strangely similar to the Common Core Standards. Hmmmmm, kind of make you think!

I started the review while my kids were with a sub this week during STAAR testing.  I was administering the STAAR to older grades. My kids have independent work pretty much down by this time of year. (While I'm with them at least....let's see how they do without me?)

I started our review with some word problems from my First Grade Fiesta End of Year review.  My students love to draw pictures to solve problems!  Good thing, best practices and all!!

We review word problems that include putting together, how many altogether, how many in all, taking apart, how many are left, how much more and how much less.  These pages are from the First Grade Fiesta End of Year Review: Operations and Algebraic Thinking.  It is the first of four reviews included in the end if year bundle. 

Next, we reviewed creating equal parts.  We used both shapes and real life examples to practice dividing in different situations.

The second day that I was out of the class for testing, my class reviewed plane shapes and geometric solids (2D and 3D shapes). 

I have these cool mini posters that we have had up for a couple if weeks. The posters are from the First Grade Fiesta End of Year Review: Geometry. They include real life examples to keep it real!  After the substitute reviewed the posters, my students worked independently to review shape concepts.  

Yes, I realize that not everyone has mastered this one!

The final thing that they did in math was work on analyzing graphic representation...
and comparative size.  Both of these pages are from the First Grade Fiesta End of Year Review: Measurement and Data.

These reviews are in the same format of my other review units. For each standard, there are at least 2 colorful pages to use for projection with a document camera or for review in small groups.

Also included for each standard are several black and white pages to be copied and used as independent and guided practice--what I shared above.

And how did my students do with out me? Not very well.  They were pretty riled up.  (I think all of the non-testing grades were!). There were reports of foul language and not listening. What? My class?

Hopefully we will get back on track next week.  Come back then! I will share how the rest of the review is going!

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