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I have decided to join this weekly linky sponsored by Doodle Bugs Teaching. I have so enjoyed reading everyone else's contributions over the last couple if years!
This week was the first round of our state's mandatory assessments. The STAAR test consumed the whole campus this week!
Needless to say, I am exhausted!

Yes, baseball season began this week.  Baseball used to be my favorite sport to watch on TV around 30 years ago.  I would rather watch the Rockets (NBA) on TV now, but I do still like to go to Minute Maid Park to see the Astros live.   It's like a picnic!
One if my students wore her authentic Astros Jersey to school today!

Katie is getting to be such a big girl!  This week she insisted in making her bed and cleaning her room everyday BEFORE school. Not sure who her example was on that one!
She also changes the message on her door a couple of time a day.   This was what she wrote on her door before she brought the outside dogs into her room for a secret mission!  (Chewing on a set of dominoes and two rolls of toilet paper!)

Yes, I let my kids have free coloring time this week. I was the testing administrator for a small group of fifth graders both testing days and THEN had to go back for the last hour with my own kids. 
I DID talk about the spring season before they colored these coloring pages I created with Creative Clips Clip Art, promise!   If you are interested in what MY kids did while I was testing, check out this post.

I think that my favorite thing that happened in my class this week was my brown Es April Fool Joke. For a couple of weeks, I had been telling my kids that we would have brownies on April 1st.  Imagine their surprise when I passed out brown Es!

 Thank you, Mr Gonzales, Dean of  Students!

Happy Friday!

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