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Five For Friday April 25

What a week!  Don't I say that every week?  STAAR testing, trying to relax and getting our hair done (not so easy for the Balius family!)

Prepping for STAAR.  My sub plans:
Sight words. 
First grade algebra. 
How many ways?
Relative size. 

Again, I was asked to administer the STAAR test to seventh graders.  So, of course, I had to have two days of sub plans ready for any kind of sub.  I posted a couple of weeks ago about what my kids did during the first round if testing.  

STAAR testing... my students were not on their best this week!  I don't think that the sub had much experience.  My kids did lots of testing of her.  I cam back to reports of foul language and all kinds of craziness.  My sweet kids? Really?

Alan had to go out of town this week for work.  We tried to carve out a little bit of time together.  We went out to dinner on Tuesday night.  There was Italian beer and some great pasta.  Katie, however, could not even make it to her pizza before falling asleep.
Sweet Katie and her AWESOME daddy!

This was that week to get Katie's hair done.  I adopted Katie at 36 days, so she has been with me from the very beginning of her life; however, I am still learning about her hair!  I waited way too long to get her hair done this go round, and we had quite a crying session at the beautician.  After it was all done, it really looked great!  I am even learning to do the whole roll, and wrap thing.  Who knew what I was getting into when I adopted Katie. 

Day 1
Day 2, afternoon. 
Roll and wrap!
Day 3....I'm learning!

And, nothing like coming in on a Friday to a student bringing me coffee!

Oh, and I almost forgot....We got a great drum lesson from our principal.
We have such a COOL principal.

Have a great weekend!

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