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Day One: Fun and Family

I have a lot to be thankful for! I love my job as a first grade teachers.  I love that I have found a wonderful creative outlet in my new found second career, TPT.  But most of all I love my family of my biggest goals of 2014 is to spend more time with my husband, Alan, and my daughter, Katie.

Alan, is an architect who also works as a church musician.  He works 90 hours a week, and I wish that he would just slow down!  I will do everything I can to help him slow down.  He loves model trains....maybe I will get him some trains to play with!

Katie is almost seven and has started to read.  Its kind of hard being a first grade teacher with a first grader as home. I have stressed a bit too much about her learning to read.  I need to listen to my own advise as a teacher!   I need to just sit back and enjoy her creativity and let her grow into her wonderful self!  My goal is to do a lot of crafts with her.

We are planning another big trip this summer.  Last summer it was Disney World, this summer, Washington D.C.  My sister live just outside of DC.  We plan to take the ad to train to New Orleans and then head to DC from there.

I also want to figure out a way to compartmentalize my time so that my work time doesn't infringe on my precious family time.

Looking forward to seeing what else is doing with FUN and FAMILY this year!

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