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4th Grade Resources

4th Grade Resources

The Complete First Grade Fiesta is Finally Here!!!!!

It's finally here.  The First Grade Fiesta Bundle that you have all been waiting for!  This is the bundle of my four end-of-year reviews that cover every First Grade Common Core Math Standard.

First Grade Fiesta End of Year Review Common Core Aligned

This resource reviews all of the standards under the Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry strands of the first grade math standards.  The review provides students practice of all of the skills required for mastery of the standards and allows a rigorous path that leads students into the next level of learning.

The units includes guided and independent practice for each concept.  For each topic there is at least one colorful guided practice/re-teaching page designed for projection or for small group intervention.  Also included are several printer-friendly (black and white and less graphics) pages for independent practice, to use for small group work or centers.  Use part or all of this resource for your end of year review of all of the Common Core Math Standards.

Standards included:
***Operations and Algebraic Thinking 1.OA
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (1.OA.1)
Two Part Word Problems (1.OA.2)
Write the Addition Facts Another Way (1.OA.3)
Relating Addition and Subtraction (1.OA.4)
Addition and Subtraction within Twenty (1.OA.5)
Balancing Equations (1.OA6)
Addition and Subtraction true or false (1.OA.7)
Find the missing number.(1.OA.8)
***Number and Operation in Base Ten 1.NBT
Counting to 120 (1.NBT.1)
Understanding Tens and Ones (1.NBT.2)
Ordering and Comparing Numbers (1.NBT.3)
Add within 100 (1.NBT.4)
Ten More, Ten Less (1.NBT.5)
Subtract within 100 (1.NBT.6)
***Measurement and Data 1.MD
Ordering and Comparing length (1.MD.1)
Measuring using standard Units (1.MD.2)
Telling and writing time (1.MD.3)
Organizing, Representing and Interpreting Data (1.MD.4)
***Geometry 1.G
Attributes of Plane Shapes (1.G.1)
Attributes and Composition of Shapes and Geometric Figures (1.G.2)
Parts of a Whole (1.G.3)

I use ‘guided math’ in my classroom.  I begin my teaching time block teaching/spiraling math concepts as a whole group, but most of my math block is devoted to guided practice in small groups followed by independent or small group practice, centers and intervention.  Included in this resource are multiple guided practice pages for each topic that can be used for small group work or for intervention.   I have also included lots of independent practice pages with less graphics for ease in printing.

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  1. Hello! Great products! I'm interested in finding out more about how you structure your math block-I happened upon your blog looking for "guided math" info! I would really like to implement this type of structure next year but I'm nervous about how to make it work! I'd love finding out what works for you! Can't wait to read more!


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