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I have had a pretty rough couple of weeks!  It has been pretty stressful here in Texas as we are in the middle of STAAR (The Texas standarized tests) season.  I nearly had a breakdown a couple of weeks ago as our 'Lead Teacher' (In title alone) had no schedule for the school  during our testing days.  Needless to say, I had a couple of days that I literally did not use the RR all day.  Not good for a woman in her 40s!  Last week, I was sick for two days.  I think that I am ready for the end of the year.

As I was recuperating over the weekend,  I was daydreaming (-er planning) for the rest of this year and 'thinking' about early next year (I know, sick huh?)  Anyway I have been pulling together some of the things with which I begin my first grade year.  I thought that this was pretty cute as I pulled it together, so I decided to create a product out of it.

This unit is appropriate for late Kinder or early First Grade.  It has lots of practice in counting by one, five and ten.  It also introduces number lines and a 100/120 chart.

Like all of my published units, it is in my 'guided math' format.  I use “guided math” in my classroom. I begin my teaching time teaching/spiraling math concepts as a whole group, but most of my math block is devoted to guided practice in small groups followed by independent or small group practice and intervention. Included in this resource is multiple guided practice pages for each topic that can be used for small group work or for intervention. I have also included lots of independent practice.

Included for each sub-topic are guided practice pages to be used in small groups or for projection.  These are all in color: 


Also included are lots of practice pages in black and white for ease in copying.


Here is what is included:

This  unit includes 70 pages of fun in counting and using a number line.  I hope ya'll can find this helpful. (either for this year or next!)

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