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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!  I am back from a few days away with my family for the holidays.  I got a new oven for Christmas and it is being delivered today.  I am so excited.

I have started to think a bit (just a bit) about the return to school.  Frankly, I have had  a heavy heart (as I'm sure most of you have had as well) the last few weeks about what happened in Connecticut.  Because I have not been at school, I have had a LOT of time to think about it.  (Probably too much time!)  I teach first grade and my daughter, Katie, is in kindergarten, so the thought of that day is just so horrifying.  My class made some special things to send to the kids at Sandy Hook.  I was about to send them off, when they announced that nothing more should be sent because of the overwhelming response already.  I am happy that so many people, including all of my teacher friends around the country, have responded the way that they have.  I feel like I am a part of a larger community in a way that I have never before. Thank you for allowing me to share my feelings in such a public way.

I am beginning a New Year's blogging resolution.  I have been a bit irregular since I began blogging a little more than a month ago.  I am still learning what people even 'care' about reading from me.  Many have told me that they are interested in hearing more from me about cooking.  To that end, I will be blogging about my cooking adventures as well.  I will post the name of my cooking blog after I have gotten it up and running.

I plan to blog about my classroom and the resources that I share on Teachers Pay Teachers at least once a week.  My goal is to post on Tuesday and possibly one other day.

I hope everyone has a great last few days of break!

Happy Teaching,
Mrs Balius


  1. Thanks for sponsoring the linky party although I LOVE winter and hope it stays awhile. I"m your newest follower! :>)

  2. Barbara,
    So said I missed the linkie party :( but glad I found your blog! I too, am a fellow Texas teacher. I teach 3rd grade. I would love for you to visit my blog when you get a chance!
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  3. Hi sweet friend! I just wanted to stop in and say "hi"! I am so glad I got to meet you. =)

    Blessings and hugs,
    Heather's Heart

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