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It's Friday night, and I am not feeling very well after a long week at school.  It's weeks like this that make me never, ever want to be a principal.  I am busy getting my Holiday eBook submission for Teachers pay Teachers ready.  I have also decided to have my first Linky Party starting tomorrow morning.  Please post your best product (singular!) for this party.  I am very interested to see what everyone is working on.

I have really enjoyed this adventure so far.  Working to create resources for TpT has really made me a better teacher.  Kind of strange, but it has given be a renewed sense of purpose to my teaching.

Here are a couple my new products.  It seems that I am really focusing on math products for now.  I have lots and lots of ideas for ELA products, but there is just so much GREAT stuff out there already.  I'm trying to find my niche.

Happy Teaching,
Mrs Balius

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