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My PLC (Professional Learning Community) has been having a lively conversation about how BL (Balanced Literacy) and DI (differentiated Instruction) are related. The question was posed by our principal.  "Did we throw out DI when we focused more on BL?"  That question has been eating at me!!  I subscribe to the "Two Sisters" philosophy and have really tried to implement these practices into my classroom. My teaching training was mainly in a differentiated model--differentiating not only by ability, but by interest and learning style.  I think that both BL and DI are a web of practices that are meant to create the best learning environment for our students.  I believe that some think that as long as we have a balanced program that it will automatically be differentiated-that they are one in the same.   I don’t think so.  What do you think? 

My question is this:  How do you create products that create a differentiated learning environment while at the same time, use a balanced approach both in math and ELA?

This has been such a great conversation on our campus that I thought it might be an interesting one to pose to all of you!  I am also posting this on my BLOG if any of you would like to carry on the conversation there.


Mrs Balius


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